canlı destek





It serves as a multidisciplinary research center where studies on cancer biology, immunology, genetics, etiology, biochemistry and experimental oncology are applied. These studies are carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Health Sciences Basic Oncology USA. Communication and knowledge are provided with similar centers in Turkey and abroad and joint studies are carried out. The scientific meetings, courses and seminars are organized in this area.



Dr. Aysel Yurtsever: Founder of ONKIM Stem Cell Technologies (Retired)

Assoc. Dr. Burak Ordin: Ege University, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science.

Assoc. Dr. Kirami Ölgen: Ege University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Geography, Physical Geography Department. 

Assoc. Dr. Bülent Özpolat: University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, Experimental Treatment Department


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