canlı destek



  • Cooperation; Planning and ensuring cooperation in research, investigation and implementation of cancer at national and international level, establishment of regional domestic and international contacts and links to our university's cancer topic,
  • Cancer Education; Cancer information studies for physicians, postgraduate training courses, organizing congresses, symposiums and meetings about cancer,
  • For cancer patients; Consultancy and information studies on cancer patients
  • Social purpose; Education and awareness activities for the public,
  • Cancer Research Projects; planning and contribute cancer research projects as partnership.
  • Protocol Studies; planning and contribute cancer research protocol studies in diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the medical faculty with interdisciplinary collaboration,
  • Cancer Records; Collecting data on incidence of cancer and epidemiology by creating a hospital-based cancer registry system with active data scanning method from archives belonging to EU Hospital by trained staff.


1.  Our center has the leader in position in hospital based cancer registry system of İzmir, our mission is to improve this position and increase our data quality,

2. To maintain awareness of the public, cancer patients and continuing education for health personnel with the meetings held,

3. To spread early diagnosis, screening and cancer prevention methods to wider masses, to establish early diagnosis outpatient clinics,

4. To establish cancer research laboratories that enable individual cancer treatments,
5. Planning cancer researches for new practices in diagnosis and treatment of cancer,
6. To maintain organizational ties with the national and international science and technology world and to be a contemporary, competent scientific center on cancer by establishing innovations.

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